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Our Team

Our Team


Jon Chapple FCA

Jon qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young in 1994. He worked as a tax specialist in the City of London at various banks until leaving to found Jon Chapple & Co in 2008. He has 30 years' experience of accounting and tax, the last 15 being focused entirely on accounting and tax planning for small UK businesses.

Yvonne Allen

Yvonne has been working as an Accountant since 2000. She specialises in small businesses, self employment, and payroll/CIS schemes. She studied accountancy at OU, and is qualified in Sage, QuickBooks, and Sage Payroll.

David Goulding

David graduated in 2009 with a degree in Accounting, Economics and Business Management. He has been with Jon Chapple & Co for 13 years. His specialities are the setting up and structuring of small family businesses, and developing strategies for tax efficient profit extraction from the companies to their owners and employees.

Sarah Beach

Sarah came to us from California, where she owned and managed her own technology and web consultancy. Her main roles are IT, administration, and systems and operations management.

We get most of our clients by word-of-mouth. Here's why:

We have never actively advertised or marketed our business, but have grown by at least 20% year-on-year, for the last 7 years. Based on word-of-mouth recommendations alone.

We asked two of our biggest referrers of business WHY they chose to refer us, and what feedback they had received from the clients they sent us. Their answers were:

  1. We were prepared to travel to the City of London for an initial face to face client meeting.

  2. Unlike many other accounting firms, we were prepared to spend time (when asked) explaining, in plain English, WHY we were advising our clients to do (or not do) a particular thing.

  3. We were tax aggressive but were never hesitant in telling our clients when a proposal was unacceptable, and explaining WHY.

  4. We treated our clients like responsible adults and took steps to explain complex tax and accounting concepts as clearly as possible.

  5. Our clients felt like they knew which individual within JC&Co to contact with regard to different types of questions they had. They felt that the person on the other end of the email / telephone was interested in getting to know their business, and were able to provide the answer required.

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